October 12, 2002

On the Set Report: Glory Holes of New York


Following a series of successful glory-hole movies set in big cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago), director Bruno Riccelli of Oh Man! Studios has set his sights on the Big Apple. Originally slated to be shot in fall 2001, Glory Holes of New York was postponed due to the events of September 11. Now, one year later, Riccelli and crew have gathered in a loft in Midtown to film the latest installment on a tight schedule. After spending a couple of days shooting B-roll—in Central Park, on the subway, even in a helicopter to capture the now-altered Manhattan skyline—Riccelli and videographer John Simms are ready to get down to the goods. Over the course of Labor Day weekend, they will film five sex scenes. A daunting task to be sure, but as Riccelli puts it, “If everyone shows up, gets hard and cums, it can be done in two days!”

First up early on Saturday morning is a fourway with some of New York’s finest. On-set photographer Brian Lantelme shoots each model first, then they all dive right into the scene. Models Ty Latimore, Mario Ortiz, Alex Leon and Rick Gonzales are all done up in leather—caps, armbands, boots, leashes, the works—and positioned in front of a graffiti backdrop. The usual porn activities ensue—sucking, fucking, ass-eating, you name it.

Riccelli, casually dressed in shorts and a tank top, stares at the monitor as the action unfolds. When the energy lags, he asks the models to turn up the volume. “Be loud,” he calls out. “People like to hear that.” When sexy Latino Ortiz gets a bit overzealous with his moaning, Riccelli commands, “Rick, put your cock in his mouth. He is screaming too much!”

After Ortiz quiets down and gets topped by all three other models, it’s time for cum shots. The crew patiently waits for wood, then all the models gather around Ortiz and, one by one, cum on him. Then it’s his turn. It has been a long morning, but there is no time to linger. The guys quickly dress, get paid and depart. Veteran porn stars Marcelo Reeves and Scott Matthews, who have both taken a break from the industry and haven’t done a film in two years, are waiting in the wings. “I am so happy to be back in New York and working with my old friend Bruno,” says Reeves, who had briefly relocated to Florida. Their scene is expected to go late into the night, so I take my leave.

When I arrive at about 2pm on day two, newcomers Danny Hunter and Diego Alvarez, both New Yorkers, are getting their glamour shots done. Chad Hunt and Scott Parker are sitting on a couch and waiting. A solo scene with Jared Scott has already been filmed earlier in the day, but things are running a bit behind. There is a spread of food, and the models nibble on pizza and chips. Now Riccelli is ready to film Hunter and Alvarez. First, Alvarez jacks Hunter, then Hunter sucks Alvarez before fucking him. After an hour or so, it’s time to include Jared for the threeway sequence.

But first, Riccelli wants to film some establishing dialogue for the new setup. As Hunter stands by the glory-hole set and delivers the first line of scripted dialogue (“That was sure a hot fuck, man”), both he and Alvarez crack up. Riccelli orders them to start over, but the same thing happens. He starts feeding them the dialogue in his thick Brazilian accent, demonstrating how he wants the lines to be delivered. Hunter jokes, “Bruno, stop! You’re turning me on!”

The models get through the dialogue and then both proceed to fuck Jared. But before cumming, Hunter displays his impressive self-sucking skills. Riccelli looks at the monitor approvingly. After the cum shots, the first group of models leave and Hunt, Parker and the tardy Carlos Morales move in to shoot the final scene. After being kept waiting, none looks exactly thrilled at the prospect of the grueling night ahead. But they begin to prep as Riccelli takes a few moments to reflect on his whirlwind shoot. “I wanted to capture the New York lifestyle,” he says, “and the men. I wanted a mixture of white, Latin, African American, just like how it is in New York City. I think we did that.”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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