December 9, 2004

Movie Review: Ranch Hand Rehab


Directors: Casey and Peter O’Brian.
Cast: Jon Galt, Aaron Osborn, Kent Larson, Anthony Shaw, Wade Mohawk, John Marcus, Raul, Chris Bolt, Holden Grey, Casey O’Brian.

Summer on a ranch with his two horny uncles—that is what pothead Holden Grey must endure as punishment when his folks find his stash. Little does he know that barnyard sex awaits! That is the promising premise of Ranch Hand Rehab. Unfortunately, four run-of-the-mill scenes follow, with some of the worst technical problems ever seen in an All Worlds Video release. The lighting, sound and tape quality are so poor that at times it’s difficult to decipher the picture onscreen. Fuzzy camera work, wooden acting and a B-list cast don’t help matters. Only manly Jon Galt, as the sexier uncle, and Kent Larson manage to create some sparks in their flip-flop fuck. These are professional porn studs who know what they’re doing. On the other hand, exclusive Grey fails to impress. Newcomer Aaron Osborn does make a big splash as the hairy cousin who encourages Grey to get down on the farm. Osborn virtually saves the threeway among Grey, Chris Bolt and himself with his strong sexual presence and sense of fun. He also delivers the video’s best cum shot. But it is a bright spot in an otherwise murky mess. Despite a solid setup, directors Casey and Peter O’Brian (Casey also plays the nonsexual role of Uncle Luke) needed to pay more attention to the production end of their production. This Rehab had us reaching for the bottle! (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2004)

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