April 23, 2007

New Release: Gaytanamo

The political gets very personal in Dark Alley Media’s latest release, Gaytanamo, a gay porn epic that’s both sexually explosive and politically charged. The movie is a humorous parody of the Bush administration’s questionable policies in dealing with suspected terrorists. It focuses on an innocent young man (new exclusive Danny Fox, pictured top) who is kidnapped and subjected to many forms of depraved treatment in the legendary Gaytanamo prison.

“On one level,” says director Matthias von Fistenberg, president of Dark Alley Media, “Gaytanamo presents dynamic sex with unapologetic depictions of violent kidnapping, torture and interrogation. On another level, Gaytanamo refers to how government gains power by instigating fear—a fear that blinds people and lets the government establish laws that take away privacy and allow for secret prosecutions and incarcerations. We’re bringing attention to how the government has used 9/11 as an excuse to shift power from democracy to a totalitarian dictatorship.”


Warning: This one is rough, guys, and features intense scenes depicting violence, kidnapping, rape and torture—along with some hot sex, too. The second bonus disc especially is not for the faint of heart. It includes extra scenes with hard-core fisting, bondage, ball torture and electrode action.

Starring Matthias von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk (who also wrote the daring script), Danny Fox, Jason Tyler, Demetrius, Tim Rusty, Dominik Rider, Tony Diamond, Sebastian Cruz and Violator (an Israeli model with a tattoo on his arm that allows him to gauge how far up a guy’s asshole he is!). For more information, visit darkalley.com.

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