May 9, 2007

Movie Review: Men in Action 3


Dink Flamingo.
Cast: Cliff, Damien, Cole, Brennan.

Active Duty founder Dink Flamingo and his military men are back in Action. The third installment in the series finds hottie Cliff and a few other “straight” guys doing their thing for the persuasive director. In fact, Cliff, a husky man with ample nipples and a certain bucktooth charm, appears in all three scenes. First, he jacks for Flamingo’s camera, revealing that he doesn’t like being labeled and his previous job is no longer “an obstacle” to him appearing on camera. (Based on the casts of Flamingo’s previous productions, we can only guess his former career.) Dink seems thrilled to have Cliff in his bed, and he guides the tattooed hunk through a long, sometimes boring solo session. Next, Cliff returns to initiate thin newbie Damien, who nervously watches porn before sucking some cock. These two couldn’t look more uncomfortable if they tried. They awkwardly trade BJs, and Cliff pounds Damien’s sweet butt in many positions. In the end, Dink and the models agree that Damien has been successfully “corrupted.” Cliff is back for the final scene, but supercute Cole steals the movie in an extended threeway with Cliff and shy Southern guy Brennan. This dude trio hang out and drink beer before Flamingo coaxes them into the shower. It’s there that Cole reveals his toned physique and oversize cock. Although he says he is straight, Cole leads the oral and anal action when the group moves to the bedroom. Brennan, also straight, bottoms for both guys and takes their loads on his worked-out body. The excitement level in this scene wanes early on, but studly Cole does his best to keep things interesting. Picture quality is good, sound quality is dodgy, and the amateur camera work is shaky at times. But that is part of the appeal of these movies—that, and watching these nongay cocksuckers hone their skills. Practice makes perfect, guys! (Pink Bird Media/Active Duty)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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