June 25, 2007

New Release: Mirage

Raging Stallion Studios weighs in with its blockbuster of the year. In the tradition of the award-winning Arabesque, Mirage has it all—blinding heat, angry Arabs, desperate Americans and a treasure worth fucking for! Filmed in Hawaii and Death Valley, it has some of the most lavish sets ever created for a porn film. Real airplanes, real guns, huge cocks and eager holes! Six hours of nonstop action for fans of the trademark Raging Stallion manly men. Directed by Chris Ward. Starring Jake Deckard, Max Schutler, Huessein, Steve Cruz, Dirk Jager, Tommy Blade, Rambo, Collin O’Neal, Dominic Pacifico, Justin Christopher, Marc LaSalle, Matthieu Paris, Tamas Eszterhazy. For more information, visit ragingstallion.com.

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