July 17, 2007

New Release: Tailpipes

Hairy hunk Roman Ragazzi, the porn newcomer who grabbed headlines when he was outed on Page Six of the New York Post, makes a stunning debut with Tailpipes. In the second scene of this rough-and-tumble look at what goes on behind the scenes of San Francisco’s horniest garage, Ragazzi is paired with Raging Stallion exclusive Remy Delaine for a long sex session in a greasy garage. When these two men begin to touch each other, the temperature in the room rises.

Raging Stallion is calling Ragazzi “the superstar for 2007” and “a Zeb Atlas who actually gets fucked!” And they just might be right. From his sexy five-o’clock shadow to his perfect hairy chest, massive muscles and thick prick, Ragazzi is a porn superstar waiting to happen. He sucks and fucks like a champ. There’s no time like the first time, and Tailpipes offers a debut that viewers won’t soon forget.

Directed by Michael Brandon. Starring Roman Ragazzi, Remy Delaine, Alexy Tyler, Bo Matthews, Dak Ramsey, Justin Christopher, Marcos David, Martin Mazza. For more information, visit www.ragingstallion.com.

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