August 29, 2007

Movie Review: Hungry 4 Sex


Director: Gino Colbert.
Cast: Eric Hung, Marcos Pirelli, Justin Wells, Kris Anthony, Christian Owen, Damon Phoenix, Pete Hill, Antonio Rio, Erec Estrada, Park Wiley, Dominik Rider.

Award-winning director Gino Colbert returns with the impressive Hungry 4 Sex. In four tight vignettes, Colbert gathers an excellent cast and puts them through their paces like the pro he is. The first scene, “Head-Shots,” features Asian Sex Machine (and Colbert discovery) Eric Hung and hunky Marcos Pirelli, who are meeting for a photo shoot. Soon, they are shooting more than pictures. After sucking each other, the guys eventually flip-flop fuck. Colbert treats viewers to great close-ups of Hung’s thick prick in this scene, and Pirelli gets so turned on, he even shoots twice! Cuties Justin Wells and Kris Anthony meet up at “The Buddy Ranch,” where they do some nice toe sucking along with their cock sucking and fucking. Two big loads are their reward. In “Internal Affairs,” lean Pete Hill is a sexy chef preparing a salad for boss man Christian Owen. Rarely have we seen anyone get so turned on by chopping lettuce! Hill eventually jacks and pisses into the greens, while Owen charms visiting twink Damon Phoenix. The twosome trade blowjobs and Owen dives into Phoenix’s plush butt cheeks (see box cover above!). The salad scene is hysterical, and it’s surely Colbert at his twisted best as we watch the unwitting duo sit down to dine. Hung returns for the “Bukkake Boyz” finale, a sweaty orgy featuring Erec Estrada, Dominik Rider, Antonio Rio and Park Wiley that ends this feast with style. Fans of hot men and hard-core action will definitely get their fill with Hungry 4 Sex. (Gino Pictures/Pacific Sun)

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