August 14, 2007

New Release: The Muscle Pit

Veteran porn star and director Blue Blake embarks on the most ambitious film of his career with The Muscle Pit. In the movie, former Falcon exclusive Josh Weston performs his first on-screen double penetration with porn superstars Robert Van Damme and Brad Rock. The scene culminates with Weston downing both straight bodybuilders’ protein shake. “It’s literally one of the best scenes I have ever shot,” Weston says. “This is the reason I got into filming porn, to make films exactly like this.”

Shot entirely on location on Southern California’s famous Venice Beach, The Muscle Pit revolves around a playboy bodybuilder who uses his good looks and power to seduce innocent straight muscle guys. The cast also includes BamBam Micelli, Junior Teen bodybuilding champion in his first full-length feature, and young hunk Damon Phoenix, who gets pounded by manly Tyler Saint.

The Muscle Pit is the best film of my career,” Van Damme says. “Nothing has been better than this film. It’s beautiful and full of sexy men that I get to fuck. Everybody goes far in this film, making it very hot.”

Blake, who took more than a year off from the industry to finish writing his autobiography Out of the Blue: Confessions of an Unlikely Pornstar (due out in April 2008 from Avalon Press), says the film took months to cast. “We saw literally dozens and dozens of models for the roles. We knew that we were going to use Robert Van Damme and when you start with a model of his caliber, everybody else has to match.”

The Muscle Pit
stars Robert Van Damme, Brad Rock, Marco Paris, Damon Phoenix, Tyler Saint, BamBam Micelli and Josh Weston. Written, produced and directed by Blue Blake. For more information, visit To order, go to

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