September 5, 2007

Guy Candy: Dean Phoenix in Brotherhood

One of our all-time favorite porn stars is back! Superstud Dean Phoenix is returning for a scene in Buckshot’s new release Brotherhood. Phoenix, who debuted in the late 1990s in such films as Jarhead, How the West Was Hung and High Desert, has taken periodic breaks from the industry, so it’s always an event when he decides to share his hot bod and curved cock on-screen.

In recent years, he has been working for COLT, starring in the award-winning BuckleRoos for director Jerry Douglas. Now the two are reuniting for Brotherhood, which stars Buckshot Man Danny Roddick as one of the most popular guys at his college. When one of his fraternity brothers discovers that Roddick has been secretly working his way through school by doing gay porn, all hell breaks loose. Roddick sets out to discover the secrets of the other brothers and level the playing field. Besides Phoenix and Roddick, Brotherhood also stars Jan Fischer, Trey Casteel, Justin Burkshire, Kurt Wild, Sebastian Rivers, Kevin Armstrong, Jorden Michaels, Dallas Reeves, Tory Mason and Kevin Goebel. For more on our guy Dean, visit For more on Brotherhood, go to

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