September 7, 2007

Movie Review: Sexpload


Director: Enrico Vega.
Cast: Antonio Montez, Junior, Viper, Dimitri Santiago, Zach Jayden, Giovanni Martinez, Kevin, Draygen, Juan Carlos, Carmello, Antonio.

Porn star Enrico Vega (pictured, top) follows the success of The Adventures of Enrico Vega with Sexpload, the second release from his New York–based production company. In six hot scenes shot on a minimalist black set, the Latin superstar showcases the gritty Manhattan men he is famous for. Popular Latino stars Viper and Dimitri Santiago (paired with plush-bottomed Giovanni Martinez) headline two sexy scenes, while Draygen sucks and fucks his way through an impressive gloryhole sequence. Former Lucas Entertainment exclusive (and hungry cocksucker) Zach Jayden returns to the screen for an encounter with street stud Juan Carlos. Jayden chugs Carlos’s huge cock, shows off his perfect ass and even shoots twice. In this scene and throughout, Vega keeps the sex real, with great close-ups and videography that captures the models as the real men they are. Sexpload will have viewers wanting to do the same. For more information, visit

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