September 10, 2007

New Release: Inside Andy

Studio 2000 and director Danny Ray introduce a new tale of passion, love and lust among a group of gorgeous Eastern European schoolmates and friends. Handsome new star Andy Frakes heads up a cast that includes returning fan-favorites Roger Gharney, Drago Lembeck and Jay Renfro alongside a group of muscled, smooth and unfailingly erect young bucks. Multiple cum shots per scene and one spirited double-penetration are among the highlights of this nearly three-hour romantic adventure. Starring Andy Frakes, Eliah Keilor, Carey Lexes, Drago Lambeck, Enrico Dickens, Fernando La Vegas, Gery Owan, Jay Renfro, Lucky Taylor, Richi Rich, Roger Gharney, Tom Hawai, Tony Koch. For more information, visit

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