September 25, 2007

News: Brotherhood SF Premiere Canceled


At a private screening of COLT’s new release Brotherhood at his home on New York’s Upper West Side this weekend, veteran director Jerry Douglas revealed that the San Francisco premiere of the film had been canceled by the studio due to the controversy surrounding the death of lead actor Danny Roddick. COLT has come under harsh scrutiny on the Internet following comments from porn model Tony Bishop, who sent out an open e-mail describing “the often reckless behavior and overreaching demands of the gay adult film studios.” Bishop went on to claim that studios “[prey on] the unsuspecting, overly optimistic, insecure, emotionally distressed young men who get into the gay adult film industry chattel, essentially subjugated to indentured servitude for the explicit gain of the studio.” Roddick died last week at the age of 31, and while no official cause of death has been released, it is rumored to have been drug-related.

Before showing his new film for the first time, Douglas spoke warmly of Roddick, who appears in every scene in Brotherhood. The film follows the adventures of a horny fratboy (Roddick) who does gay porn to work his way through college. When one of his fellow frats threatens to reveal his secret, Roddick attempts to get incriminating photos of each of his brothers at play. The action takes place on one night, following a formal dance as each student returns to the frat house. Bad boy Roddick lures a few of the bros—including Tory Mason, Jorden Michaels, Justin Burkshire and Kurt Wild—to jack with him as he watches pussy porn. Buckshot Man Dean Phoenix makes his return to porn as a hung redneck who can’t find satisfaction with his girlfriend. In one stunning scene, delicious Dean self-sucks his beautiful uncut cock and even swallows his own seed! Later, he bangs Mason in the finale orgy. There is also a shaving sequence (with Trey Casteel going from hairy hunk to supersmooth…such a shame!), some tasty toe-sucking and even a bit of tenderness between Roddick and Jan Fischer, playing an exchange student who gets pinned (and nailed) by Roddick in the end.

Douglas is known for his numerous award-winning plot-driven films (Flesh & Blood, Family Values, BuckleRoos), and Brotherhood follows in their fine footsteps. The story is strong and holds all the scenes together nicely. Roddick does an impressive job, which makes his untimely passing all the sadder. He has an easy way with dialogue and abundant sexual energy. He is constantly hard throughout, no matter what he is doing. His ever-present smile will surely be missed. Brotherhood is Douglas and Roddick (pictured top) at their best. For more information, visit

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