October 4, 2007

Movie Review: Evan Rivers 2


Directors: Jordan and Illia T.
Cast: Evan Rivers, Brad Star, Aaron, Mickey, Abraham, Alec, Brett, Nick.

Warn the neighbors: Evan Rivers is back. The obnoxious twink with the pierced nipples returns to accost defenseless strangers on the streets of South Beach. In five endless scenes, Rivers lures some attractive men back to his room, where he proceeds to suck and spread his legs for them. However, wood problems abound, and it’s no wonder. It’s hard to imagine a more unsexy host as the aggressive Evan pulls out a ruler to measure two guys before throwing one of them out of bed because the other is bigger! A scene in a gym features beautifully muscled Abraham and Alec, but there is Rivers to spoil the fun with his overbearing observations. Hunky Brad Star even shows up for a sluggish jack session with Evan, but it’s too little too late. Poor sound and dodgy camera work complete the muddled picture. (BangBros.com)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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