October 3, 2007

New Release: Auditions 18: Florida, Part 1

Director Michael Lucas flew his crew to sunny Florida for the 18th edition of his award-winning Auditions series. With the help of Lucas exclusives Ray Star and Jonathan Vargas, he lures tons of fresh new faces before his cameras. From newcomer Todd Welch (whose perfect ass shows Star’s thick dick a good time) to cover model Albert Long (whose meaty member lives up to his name), the heat is turned way up for this very special on-location edition of Auditions. Featuring Cole Daniels, Francesco Giovanelly, Jorden Michaels, Miguel, Mario Perez, Derek Scott and TJ. Director’s cut includes a bonus watersports scene with Long and Michaels. For more information, visit www.lucasentertainment.com.

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Anonymous said...

Vargas is such a hottie....great performern, great looks, great sexual skills, hiope to see him in many mor emovies to come