October 30, 2007

New Release: Marine Crucible 2

A pair of hurricanes in 2004 damaged the Centaur Films facilities in southern Florida, and it took some time for director Chip Daniels and company to regroup. But now they’re back and bringing viewers a new dose of military hotness with Marine Crucible 2: Cocked & Loaded. Exclusive Brock Masters stars in this extended-length (almost three hours) feature shot in glorious high definition. This sequel to Marine Crucible, which was released 10 years ago and starred Chad Knight and Bo Summers, tells the tale of two teams that get down and dirty, naked and nasty as they hunt and capture one another in an anything-goes paint ball war. These hung and horny soldiers are motivated to win because the prisoners have to do whatever their captors want.

Starring Brock Masters, Sean Storm, Chris Neal, Chad Leigh, Austin Grant, Jorden Michaels, Jason Reynolds, Billy Lee London, Carter Longway, Jayden Marcus, George Mason, Marc Sterling, Billy Dade. Directed by Chip Daniels. For more, visit www.centaurfilms.com.

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