October 10, 2007

News: RSS and Deckard Launch New Company

Raging Stallion president Chris Ward and RSS Man of the Year Jake Deckard have announced the release of Ink Storm, the first movie for Deckard's new company, Screaming Eagle XXX. Raging Stallion will provide distribution for the new venture, which is fully owned and operated by Deckard. Screaming Eagle is expected to release three to five movies next year, all produced and directed by Deckard.

“Screaming Eagle XXX is not about making movies,” Deckard says. “I want to make porn—porn that’s visually exciting and insanely hot. I’d like to make scenes that you’ll play again and again and get off every single time. I’m very used to breaking rules, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get away with. I hope Screaming Eagle becomes a galvanizing force in the porn world.”

“Jake is the top model in the industry today,” Ward says, “and watching him develop as an editor and director has been very exciting for all of us at RSS. We are a very nurturing company, and there is nothing I love more than helping new ventures get off the ground. And we are very good at it: Michael Brandon’s Monster Bang line, Collin O'Neal’s World of Men and now Screaming Eagle.”

Ink Storm stars Logan McCree and Ricky Sinz. “Each scene is an experiment in style,” Deckard says. “The scenes are unrelated except that every man is inked and sharp. These are the kind of guys I would want to fuck, and I have with all of them I think. Logan McCree is one of the coolest and sexiest guys I’ve ever met. Even guys that don’t love tattoos are blown away by him! Ink Storm is a video I would buy myself.”

For more information, visit www.ragingstallion.com.

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