November 8, 2007

New Release: In Too Deep

Studio 2000 invites viewers to go In Too Deep with this all-sex extravaganza featuring sweat-soaked nonstop sucking and fucking action. Around a sparkling pool in the bright California sunshine, sexy stars Dominik Rider (pictured, top) and Park Wiley, along with six of their hunky and horny buds, hungrily race to fill every available hole and top off their afternoon of mansex (which includes a stunning double penetration fuck!) with a spectacularly wet group wank as they creme all over adorable Latino pup Tristan Mathews. It’s a Studio 2000 sex party you won’t want to miss! Starring Dominik Rider, Park Wiley, Kyle Aames, Mario Cruz, Nick Marino, Tristan Mathews, Lex Sabre, Bobby Williams. For more information, visit

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