November 7, 2007

News: Chase Stevens Signs With David Forest exclusive Chase Stevens has signed with David Forest Entertainment for live appearances. The muscular blond will also be available for private meetings through Forest’s Meet the Stars program. The 25-year-old model hails from Atlanta and now resides in Ft. Lauderdale. Stevens has worked exclusively for (except for one solo on the Massive Studios Web site) and has also done straight adult films and wrestling videos.

“Chase began doing strip shows as part of an all-male revue for women,” says Forest. “However, when he started doing the gay XXX vids, he realized that performing at gay clubs would be much better promotion.”

Stevens will kick off his live appearances for Forest at Play in Nashville on Friday, November 9, and at Score in Miami Beach on Saturday, December 15. Forest will announce future bookings for Stevens as they are confirmed. For more information, visit


Anonymous said...

Chase has a gentle personality that I find very appealing he is not a jerk or boisterous like too many in his field. Hopefully working with Forest's crowd won't change him too much or harm him like it has others.

Anonymous said...

I love him since the first time I saw him. He is just natural and lovely. He will be my eternal and never ending concept of perfection.

Anonymous said...

Since the first time that I saw him I loved him. He looks just perfect, warm personality, charming, lovely. I s just my dream come true. FS, San Francisco, CA.