November 1, 2007

News: Grunts Trailer Uploaded

Raging Stallion Studios has released a new trailer to YouTube for its 40-scene military epic Grunts. Directed by Chris Ward and Ben Leon, the movie is not only Raging Stallion’s most extravagant project to date, but with a budget exceeding a reported $250,000, it’s one of the biggest gay porn productions ever made. “I don’t think there has ever been anything like it in porn,” says RSS president Chris Ward. “It has the look and feel of a Hollywood film. The actors are excellent, the sets stunning, and the sex is over-the-top. I have no doubt that this is the movie I will be remembered for!”

Filmed last summer, Grunts features exclusives Roman Ragazzi, Jake Deckard, Steve Cruz and Max Schutler, among many others. It has been in editing for the past eight weeks and runs almost 12 hours, with an additional eight hours of special features spread across three additional discs. The Grunts sneak peek on Youtube is the first footage of the film to be made public. And from what we are hearing, this is the movie to watch when awards are handed out next year.

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