December 3, 2007

News: Brodie Blasts Raging Stallion

It seems like only yesterday that studly Web star Brodie Sinclair signed with Raging Stallion Studios. (Actually, it was last summer.) Then last month came word from RSS president Chris Ward that Sinclair had been “fired.” Now the model is firing back at those claims and calling them lies. In a statement released tonight, Sinclair states that he is the “totally innocent victim of a smear campaign of down-and-dirty lies launched by Chris Ward, owner of Raging Stallion Studios.”

Sinclair says that he took part in RSS’s new release Grunts as part of his exclusive deal with the studio but that “promises were made to me and then not kept. I was told I would be given my own Web site, but I was not. I was told I would be paid more money than I wound up being paid.”

He then offers shocking details about the three-week shoot, which took place in Northern California last summer, claiming that “the working conditions on this set were like something you’d expect to find in a Mother Teresa charity orphanage in India.… Grunts is a reference to soldiers, but I think if you treated real soldiers that way, it would practically be a violation of the Geneva Conventions.… During the period of the filming, we were expected to live in tents full of bugs and flies. There was no catering. Actors had to go to stores to buy food and then cook meals on their own. During the Grunts shoot, we would begin early in the morning and then be kept up working until one and two in the morning like a herd of cattle. Who can perform at their best in this industry…or in any industry…when only getting four hours of sleep per night?”

Sinclair goes on to say that Ward told him to “suck it up and shoot my dick up with a needle. Sorry, I don’t go that route. If I have to stick a needle in my dick to get hard, then I’m in the wrong business.”

The 24-year-old model, who previously worked for Internet porn sites such as and appeared in Falcon Studios’ Longboard, says he gave Ward notice that he wanted out of the movie and his contract. “Mr. Ward didn’t want to lose me for the rest of the film, so [he] begged me to stay, and promised me that my pay would be increased. I agreed to remain on set, but in the end Mr. Ward did not pay what he had promised me.”

It was then that Ward “began his campaign of filthy, dirty, down-low shameless lies, smearing my good name,” Sinclair writes. “I was absolutely shocked to see Mr. Ward’s statements published online saying that he had ‘fired’ me because of what he alleges to be ‘diva’ behavior. I was not ‘fired’; I quit! I am a nice, honest guy and a thoroughly professional performer. I’m on time, ready to work, and when I work, I work very, very well. That is why Mr. Ward chose me to work for him on Grunts in the first place.”

Sinclair closes by saying, “I previously have had great experiences in the porn biz, but now it is showing me its ugly side. The owner of Raging Stallion is fabricating total lies about me, for no justifiable reason. Yeah, I left the company because it failed to deliver on its promises to me. Is that a reason to drag my good name through the mud?…I am absolutely not interested in working for a company that has no decency and no honesty. Raging Stallion invents ludicrous lies out of the blue, and I refuse to be a part of it.”

No word from Chris Ward or Raging Stallion…yet.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Raging Stallion has again not behaved very properly. First with Michael Lucas and now Mr. Brodie. What's up with that???