December 23, 2007

News: Fratpad on the Move

In a press release this week, Fratpad owner John announced that the cast and crew of the popular Web site would abruptly be moving to a new location. Since June 2006, the Fratpad has been Webcasting shows from a luxury apartment building complex in Hollywood with the full knowledge and support of the landlord. But recently, there has been “a specific and credible threat against several current cast members by a former and apparently disgruntled employee of the Pad.” John says they are working with the appropriate authorities to assure the cast’s safety, but he has been advised that it would be unwise to continue to house the cast at its present location in Los Angeles. So, this week, the sexy young residents were seen packing and by today, the Pad should be mostly empty. Fratpad expects to continue to Webcast shows through next week, culminating with a goodbye party on Friday, December 28. The Season One cast will then be introduced at a new location. For more information, visit

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