December 17, 2007

News: Raging Stallion Launches New Latin Line

San Francisco–based Raging Stallion Studios has announced the debut of a new international line of videos. The project is being developed in association with Gavin Lowe, former producer for Matt Sterling and head of, and the first release in the series is Tall, Dark and Latin.

“Gavin makes great movies and he has this uncanny ability to find some of the hottest men on Earth!” says RSS president Chris Ward. “A year or so ago he brought to our network [], and we have wanted to release his erotica on DVD ever since. It’s great stuff and I am very proud to have him as part of the Raging Stallion team!”

The new series, to be marketed under the Raging Stallion general brand, will have between three and six releases per year. These fit in as part of an ambitious release schedule for Raging Stallion that calls for a new movie on DVD every seven days throughout 2008 (for a total of 50 releases).

“Our DVD sales are really going through the roof,” Ward says. “The BangBangBoys line will give us a strong continuing presence in the Latin niche.”

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Anonymous said...

just can't get enough of hot latins BUT please leave the gay-for-pay guys out of it.
Love hot altinos though who can show it and do it it.

Ricci said...

very good looking men but out of them all just one biy who knows what to do and how to do it and how to enjoy it.
It's all very badly done, real amateuristic work, baldly faked, no eroticism, no fun, no tension, no testosterone. A very bad start to a new line. There's are more hormones and sex drive in a one minute Randyblue trailer than in this whole movie. But that's just my two cents of course