December 18, 2007

Seen: Gigolo Stars at Premiere Party

Gigolo hit the streets last Friday as Lucas Entertainment held the official release party for its new movie at HK Lounge in New York. The event was part of HK Fridays, hosted by Beto, S(he)quida and Dougie, and DJ Scotty Thomson spun the tunes. Director Michael Lucas dropped his pants and the crowd went wild. So, what else is new? Seen (from top): Lucas exclusive and The Intern star Ben Andrews; Lucas and friends; Gigolo models J. and Jimmy Trips. For more on Michael Lucas’ Gigolo, visit


Anonymous said...

not one of those three really appeals to me physically at least.
Couldn't he've come up with something better? Or am i ranting?

Anonymous said...

Why is Ben Andrews looking so unappealing lately? Drugs? Overexposure?