January 5, 2008

New Release: Grunts

Raging Stallion Studios presents what may be one of the biggest gay-porn releases ever! Grunts weighs in with a whopping six-disc set, broken down into three separate films: The New Recruits; Brothers in Arms; and Misconduct. Each is more than two hours long (two are more than three hours!) and together they feature over 40 sex scenes and some of porn’s hottest stars, including Brodie Sinclair, Roman Ragazzi, Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Ricky Sinz, RJ Danvers, Justin Christopher, Kamrun, Max Schutler, Trey Casteel and Rafael Alencar. There are also 10 hours of special features. Set at an Army training boot camp, Grunts is a military epic that will keep viewers entertained long and hard. Directed by Chris Ward and Ben Leon. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just got me the movie and yes, it's a wonderfilm flix for those who are into bearish men and tough sex. I've always thought war was fought out on the battlefield:)
So if u like constant hard fucking by big muscled men, this is 100% yours if u expect soldiers to be good kissers and sensual lovers -like me- this is a disappointment in spite of my favorites Ragazzi, justin, the adorable twink and the black guy. Mind you i do like hard, sleazy scenes too but not from beginning to end, it's like a constant forte in a stormish symphony. De gustibus