January 2, 2008

New Release: Michael Lucas’ Gigolo

Lucas Entertainment has released its big year-end blockbuster Michael Lucas’ Gigolo, a tale of the dark underground world of a New York City hustler (Lucas) who gets caught up in a web of deceit, lies and murder. The special two-disc directors’ edition features bonus watersports action; bonus sex scene with Erik Grant, Jimmy Trips and Anthony Marks; behind-the-scenes footage; and the music video “Dark Bitch Woman” from Shepard’s Pie. Starring Michael Lucas, Ray Star, Ben Andrews, Erik Grant, J., Anthony Marks, Arpad Miklos, Zack Randall, Jason Ridge, Jason Sparks, Lars Svenson, Scott Tanner, Jimmy Trips and Kurt Wild. Directed by Michael Lucas and Tony Dimarco. Written by Tony Dimarco. Produced by Michael Lucas. For more information, visit www.lucasentertainment.com.


Anonymous said...

I bought the dvd which just came out in europe and i must say i'm pretty disappointed with the whole thing. The story line is nice and original and far from the usual boring porn stuff but the sex isn't too exciting for my taste. Best scene is the one of the master himself with always professional jason ridge and then of course hairy Arpad with youngish twink and that's it. Listen i don't need perfect looking men in porn but sometimes the whole thing is downright clumsy and some guys are downright ugly.
Moreover what i dislike most of all is when the music becomes intrusive. Sex is also about the senses producers! Thus SOUND is of an immense importance. The sound we got in 80% of the scenes was FAKE.

Dimarco said...

I assure you that the sound in the scenes is in fact what was actually recorded at the time of the filming minus the directors' voice.

It's also important to point out that there are alternate soundtracks for this film.

If you go to the "Audio Options" menu.

Normal Soundtrack (with Music)
Low Music Soundtrack
(No Music) Soundtrack

Recently we've put this option on our movies to give the viewer the option. Some view like the film with music, other do not. We leave the choice to the viewer.