January 4, 2008

News: Fratpad Ends With Season 1 Cliff-Hanger

The young studs of Fratpad.com abruptly ended their first season last week with a loud commotion in the middle of a jack-off race (featuring Leo, Chase and Jasun dressed as the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz) that had the Fratmen grabbing their clothes and running out as the cameras went to black. In a press release, the site announced that everyone was okay and the incident was simply part of a season-ending cliff-hanger that will cause the guys to “go into hiding” at their new “secret location” for what they’re calling Fratpad Season One: Blown Ashore. The new season—which will run for four months and feature a pseudo reality-show format—will move away from the “hot young men let loose in Hollywood” theme and move on to “hot young men hiding away in a tropical paradise.” It launches with a party this Sunday, January 6.

In the statement, Jasun asks, “Hey, if Dynasty can have a season cliff-hanger where everyone is in peril, why not Fratpad? What’s Alexis Carrington got that we don't?”

For more information, visit www.fratpad.com.

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