February 6, 2008

News: Brodie Sinclair Signs New Deal With FPG

This isn’t the first signing we’ve reported for Brodie Sinclair, and it probably won’t be the last. FPG Entertainment has announced that the sexy young star has entered into an exclusive contract with the Washington, D.C.-based company. “This is a great collaboration,” says Sinclair, who previously worked as an exclusive for Raging Stallion but left under questionable circumstances after a very public feud with director Chris Ward after appearing in the movie Grunts. “I’m excited to be with FPG. I want to please the fans and develop a long-lasting relationship with them.”

Last year, FPG released two movies, Punks and TopDawgs, aimed at the athletic market. Sinclair, 24, has a background in mixed martial arts. “I’m glad to be in the MMA scene,” he says. “I love the rush, and I hope the fans get off on it as much as I do.” For more information, visit www.fpgentertainment.com.


Anonymous said...

couldn't care less about grunts which was a very disappointing movie in several aspects. Hope the guy -who has the looks at least- gets better opportunities to display his sex skills.

Anonymous said...

Finaly someone who can show us Sinclair from a different aspect, is about the time that studios will allowed tose pretty models to open their mouth to say something that make sense and not just for having sex !