February 13, 2008

Seen: Fratmen at Their Beachy New Home

For all the readers who wrote in to inquire about the state of the Fratmen since the abrupt ending of their first season, please know that the guys are doing great in their new tropical locale. They’re loving the beach and doing lots of outdoorsy stuff, as usual. With bods like those, it kinda makes sense.

Our hairy fave Collin even took an excursion into the wild recently. Few people know that Collin was just about to start his training in the Marine’s Special Forces unit when he shot his first Fratmen movie. He had considered the military a way to get out of his small Tennessee town but fell in love with Southern California and decided to ditch the Marines to stay at the Fratpad before becoming a lifeguard in Malibu. So, following a dare from house bro Leo, Collin decided to test his survival skills. He sharpened his machete and headed into the jungle. Below are a few pictures of him the day he left. Don’t get lost out there, stud! For more, visit www.fratpad.tv.

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