February 5, 2008

Web Watch: Jason Curious Tells All on New Blog

Sure, the world needs another video blog like our girl Brit-Brit needs another paparazzo, but intrepid porn reporter Jason Sechrest (of jasoncurious.com fame) isn’t letting that stop him. The multihyphenate gossip columnist, publicist, singer, actor, event host, dog groomer (we made that last one up) has decided to launch a weekly blog about his doings in the world of porn—gay, straight and otherwise. The first three blogs prove Sechrest to be an enthusiastic storyteller as he brings his impish charms to tales of hunky Erik Rhodes attending his first 12-step meeting, an ensuing feud with frenemy Jason Ridge after the first blog is posted and a surprise announcement about the hosts of the upcoming GAYVN Awards. Sechrest is funny, dishy and spontaneous, bursting into song as his idols Judy and Liza one moment then making adorable gaffes the next (he repeatedly says that Rhodes is taking “sexaholic classes” and that he watches GAYVN hosts Derek and Romaine’s show all the time—um, it’s on the radio!). No matter, fans won’t want to miss a minute of this entertaining chatfest. To subscribe to Jason’s new blog, visit www.youtube.com/jasoncurious.

1 comment:

Pornus Addictus said...

sort of enjoyed it in a way but she's a hysterical self-proclaimed oracle. Will i keep watching? Yes, on occasion depending on the topic.
The Ridge thingie looked promising but boiled down to the description above