March 4, 2008

New Release: Auditions 20: Florida, Part 2

Director Michael Lucas returns to steamy Florida for the 20th cum-guzzling edition of his award-winning Auditions series. Along with horny exclusives Jonathan Vargas and Luke Stevens, Lucas discovers an array of big-dicked new talent yearning to get fucked hard-core for the cameras. Watch as Vargas drills twink West Dawson, and Stevens gets fucked by bad boy Angelo Dimarco. Lucas himself pounds newbie Dallas Reeves, and Eli Duran gets busy with Eric Cordova. Finally, veteran Trey Rexx flip-flops with Nick Moretti (the director’s cut version of this scene features both studs pissing into each other’s mouths). The state of Florida has never been hotter! Starring Lucas exclusives Michael Lucas, Luke Stevens and Jonathan Vargas, plus Eric Cordova, West Dawson, Angelo DiMarco, Eli Duran, Nick Moretti, Dallas Reeves and Trey Rexx. For more information, visit


Critical Eye said...

review sounds a bit too positive to these eyes at least. While i'm a sucker for everything called jonathan v. the scene involving JV didn't convince me. Jonathan is the professional throughout but has never convinced me in a 'top' position. also all sensuality is lacking in this scene mainly because of vargas's opponent.
Angelo di Marco has a divine, hot, slim body and i regret he was not paired with vargas. 1st prize for me goes to cuban cutie eli duran: a super bottom, gives head in a divine way and seems to be a hot passionate kisser. The two senior porn stars brings electricity to their scene which is regrettably missing in the other scenes yet i'm not yet into daddies:)
just my two cents

Anonymous said...

other movies coming up with Vargas?
just adore him...