March 27, 2008

News: Brodie Sinclair Gets Cocky on the Web

Another day, another exclusive deal for model Brodie Sinclair. has announced that the onetime Raging Stallion exclusive and current FPG Entertainment exclusive has been signed as a Web exclusive to the company. His contract calls for scenes in which the gay-for-pay top will allow himself to be penetrated. Sinclair was convinced to accept the new deal with after a series of discussions with company head Kyle Majors.

“I met Brodie in 2005,” Majors recalls, “and we realized that there was a bond between us. I accepted his being straight. That’s what he’s always been and seemed in his scenes. I saw something more in Brodie. It was gay, sure, but it was like a straight guy a little bit curious. It was curiosity. I thought it could lead to more.”

The first scene under the new agreement features the tattooed stud, who has appeared in films such as Grunts and Savage, in a solo session in which he uses a sex toy to gradually open his (allegedly) heretofore virgin ass.

“I wanted to be honest about it,” Sinclair says. “After doing this for a while, I’m curious. I’m not backing out. It’s still about the money, and I signed the papers, but I know what I’m getting into. I want to try it. Considering my past history, in part I’m proving to the industry that I can keep a deal and perform professionally. So I might as well share this with my fans.

“I have no issues with getting fucked,” the 25-year-old model continues. “I think I’ll try it, on camera, a couple of times, and then that will be it. I don’t see myself getting into it. It’s not my thing, but I’ll give anything an honest effort. And the guys I fuck seem to fucking love it when I fuck them, so fuck, I gotta know what it feels like, you know?”

Such eloquence. Don’t you just love it when a “straight” guy decides to take it up the ass for money? To see Brodie Sinclair experiment for cash, visit


ass Freak said...

I abhor gay-for-pay unless the guy kisse slike a god, suck dick and perhaps even bottoms.
As far a slooks are concerned he has it in this soft kinky picture.
Love it

Critical Eye said...

The photograph is a piece of hot sexy enticing art.
I'm all for soft kinky PLEASE read SOFT:)