March 19, 2008

News: Cocky Boys Releases Petrov’s Last Scene has announced the release of the final scene from porn star Nickolay Petrov. Now you may have heard that Petrov is all tied up in Florida at the moment facing a trial for attempted murder, among other charges, but the Cocky Boys Web site just happens to have this scene in the can. “The American system of justice holds a man innocent until proven guilty,” says Cocky Boys online producer Kyle Majors. “And in that vein, [we] would like to wish its talented sexual performer Nickolay Petrov the best. We hope the stories circulating around this trial are untrue and that all parties honor the standards that allow the accused a fair trial.”

Before his arrest, onetime Jet Set Men exclusive Petrov starred in numerous movies, such as Code Violators, Just Add Water and Proven Straight, and several scenes for Cocky Boys, including this new one co-starring Hunter. “We knew we had something special after Nickolay and Hunter had cum,” Majors says, “and the energy just kept buzzing in the room. We had it all on film—who knew at the time it might be his last release?”

And what does Hunter have to say about his time spent with the alleged murder suspect? “He fucked me with the blank intensity of an animal,” Hunter commented on their scene. For Petrov’s last appearance and more, visit

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