March 25, 2008

News: Elite Male Studios Signs Visconti Triplets

Elite Male Studios has announced the signing of the Visconti triplets. The brothers, Joey, Jimmy and Jason, have inked an exclusive two-year deal. “The gay adult industry is known for its fantasy films about twins,” says Andrew T, director of production for Valley Pro Video Distributors, “but triplets are unheard of—let alone brothers of the magnitude of the Viscontis. The creative possibilities are endless, and we intend to take full advantage of this opportunity.”

The three handsome siblings released a statement saying, “We are delighted to have accepted Elite Male’s offer, and already shot an amazing scene with some of the other hot Elite Male models.”

Andrew T added, “Having an exclusive like this takes Elite Male to an entirely new level. And [it] sets a new bar for every other production company to reach—if they can!”

Personally, we haven’t been this excited about a trio since the Del Rubio Triplets sang “Neutron Dance” on The Golden Girls! For more information on the Visconti triplets, visit


Merc Man said...

So, which one is which?

Vincent Lambert said...

Sorry, man, no idea who is who. Anyone know? Does it matter? :)


Merc Man said... wouldn't, if all their names were Bob, Bob and Bob.

Vincent Lambert said...

Actually, their names are Jimmy, Joey and Jason, but we can’t tell ’em apart.

Anonymous said...

The Viscontis' true Hungarian family name is Viszketo. They come from Hungary's oldest and most distinguished Jewish family. Their ancestors have been publishers, rabis,bankers, scientists and actors. They go back to the 18. century. The triplets' first names are Jakab, Natan and Samu, oldest to youngest. The family name means iron pot. They first tried acting when they were kicked out of the rabbinical institution. They are actually very pious and politically conservative. Their prostates are insured for 10M euros each through Lloyd's.

Anonymous said...

You are lying, man. Sorry. The triplets original name is not Viszketo. And they are not jewish at all.. :) (nothing wrong with the jewish ppl, but the triplets are christians) I know them very well, I am one of theirs friend. Why should anyone speak stupid things when you don't even know them??? :) Get a life and do not lye!

The triplets are really hot and very nice, polite guys. They work hard to keep theirs body fit, so they deserve the success. They do not really speak English only Hungarian...
Unfortunately, they are low paid, in Hungary they not earn more than couple thousands USD per months. In the US or any other western european country they would earn millions of USD... :(