March 3, 2008

News: Guy Parker Signs With Cocky Boys Site

Porn star Guy Parker has been signed to an exclusive contract with the Cocky Boys Web site. In a statement, online producer Kyle Majors says, “Guy Parker embodies everything that stands for. It’s tough where to begin describing Guy. His spiky hair and smirk are pure James Dean rebel at the core. His piercing blue eyes and dimpled chin will make your knees weak. His body is chiseled perfection. Guy is an amazing performer. He has been working with me for a while now. Today we’re just making it official.”

Parker, who recently appeared in Jet Set Men’s On Fire! and The F Word, will be working with fellow porn star and boyfriend Jesse Santana (below) in exclusive scenes for Cocky Boys. “In joining his real-life boy as a Cocky Boys exclusive,” Majors says, “Cocky Boys now has the hottest real-life couple in the business. I haven’t seen another real couple that even comes close.” The first scene between Parker and Santana will premiere on Thursday, April 17. For more information, visit

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