April 11, 2008

Music Review: Mitch Branson: Groove Compass


Former porn star Colton Ford isn’t the only screen stud making music these days. COLT Man Mitch Branson doesn’t sing, but he has written and produced a new dance-oriented album titled Groove Compass. It features 10 tracks that mix exotic Middle Eastern sounds with a throbbing beat. In an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, Branson describes his work as “sensual electronic music infused with global influences.” After playing music for 10 years and studying digital audio for the past two, the 34-year-old hunk produced the album because “I wanted to challenge my skills.”

Branson, the star of films such as the gorgeous Hawaii and Tough, says that his musical influences include Madonna, Moby and Deep Forest, which is evident in the synth sound he has created. The opening cut, “India’s Dirty Secret,” bursts with Indian-flavored beats, while “Creature Returns” has a darker, more atmospheric feel. “Solid Ground,” featuring vocals by Jax, and “Hold On,” with singer Monique, have a more dance-pop feel, and both boast hummable melodies and catchy hooks. (Did we detect a bit of Britney’s “Toxic” on “Ground”?) These two tracks are ready for club play—or at least for one of Branson’s live striptease performances, for which he uses his original music. “Unheard Messages” borders on generic techno, but the final track, “Passion’s Thunder,” brings the album to a close with some epic dance-floor drama. Clocking in at more than seven minutes, the song is an exciting meld of chunky beats and operatic vocal flourishes.

Branson says that he made Groove Compass, which took about six months to record, to “celebrate the diversity of sound our world offers.” And he has truly succeeded. He admits that his music and porn careers are “both an expression of my personality. They’re both creative. Porn is a tool for me to fulfill all my sexual fantasies, and my music comes from the heart and is a way to share my soul with others.” Sexy men Ford and Branson are both proving that for some porn stars, talent is more than skin deep. (Tufo Productions)

To order, visit the store at www.mitchbranson.com, iTunes or www.cdbaby.com.

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