April 24, 2008

New Release: The Porne Ultimatum

Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures releases its latest title, The Porne Ultimatum. New exclusive Kaden Saylor (top photo) makes his first appearance outside the Active Duty Line in his starring role as a spy on the run in this ambitious parody of the Bourne series from the Dirty Bird creative team of writer/director Mike Donner and producer Steve Jerome. Flamingo has also taken some of the popular models from his Active Duty pool of talent (straight military men) and given them an opportunity to flex their skills (and their cocks) outside the amateur genre.

Porne is an action thriller that follows the studio’s previous military, comedy, drama and horror satires. Kaden Saylor plays Chason Porne, a hot young spy with a past he can’t remember, and Brent Corrigan is the sweet med student who saves his life—and, of course, gets banged by him. Mason Wyler is a neighbor who gets involved in the plot by seducing superhung Barrett Long. In the end, Porne prevails! Starring Kaden Saylor, Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Barrett Long, Brant Moore, Seth, Levi, Kasey and Colin. For more information, visit www.dirtybirdpictures.com.

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