April 29, 2008

Rewind: Model Behavior

This 1993 release from Catalina Video is notable because it was the first time that porn superstar Zak Spears teamed up with director Chi Chi LaRue. Newly issued on DVD by Channel 1 Releasing (which purchased Catalina last year), Model Behavior finds Spears competing for a modeling job with Brad Eriksen, who attempts to blackmail the hirsute hunk with damaging footage of him doing the nasty with Wes Daniels. And what great footage it is as Spears and Daniels have a hairy encounter on the stairway, which leads to the bedroom, where Spears bottoms and displays what became his trademark verbal style. Handsome Alex Carrington also flip-flop fucks with Spears in a hot tub, and the late Matt Gunther shows up for a threeway with Michael Chads and Alex Thomas, bringing back fond memories of his chiseled face and body. The whole production has a wonderfully cheesy quality that reeks of the early ’90s, right down to the dated sets (we spotted a typewriter!), bad haircuts and kitschy Muzak soundtrack. Spears (who has said that his porn moniker is a combination of the name of the lead cutie on Saved By the Bell and look-alike porn star Randy Spears) and LaRue went on to work together many times (Bolt, Total Corruption, Boot Black), but this was the movie where they did it first. Also starring Brock Hunter and Joey Morgan. For more information, visit www.C1R.com.


Anonymous said...

Alex Carrington and especially hunky Wes Daniels: they were sooo damn hot and heroes of my youth.

Vincent Lambert said...

Me, too. Especially Wes, and when I finally met him (he was on a comeback tour at the old Eros Theater in NYC with Chi Chi), he did not disappoint.