April 1, 2008

Web Watch: Johnny Hazzard On The Lair

Rascal Video exclusive Johnny Hazzard continues the trend of porn stars crossing over into more mainstream projects with a stint on here! TV network’s The Lair. Joining Hazzard on the show is singer and former porn star Colton Ford (above), who recently released his first full-length CD, Tug of War, and has a continuing role as Sheriff Trout. Hazzard filmed his part (thanks to award-winning director Gino Colbert, who himself has crossed over by doing casting for both The Lair and Dante’s Cove) and then wrote all about it on his excellent blog.

“Memorizing my lines was a new and intimidating experience for me,” Hazzard says. “It’s not that I’d never done it before, there was just so much. At times I felt overwhelmed flipping through pages looking at what was ahead. I learned all my lines the day before between scenes. Being a smaller production every scene had to be taken down, moved, set back up and re-lit so there was plenty of time to learn lines. I quickly learned that it was a very good idea to learn the other parts, too. Knowing the last word he said before my line started was initially how I did it, but it soon became clear that knowing the entire scene allowed me to really immerse myself in the moment and maybe provide that extra something something.”

For more on Johnny and The Lair (look for upcoming appearances by pornsters Tyler Saint and Andrew Addams, among others), visit www.hazzardahead.com.

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Anonymous said...

Colton Ford was indeed one of the best actors in the lair together with the other porn stars; the main couple in the movie just didn't have any electricity and some of their scenes were soooo disappointing though one of them has GORGEOUS looks. But all in all there are better series around: noah's ark is a case in point. Wish they has the queer as folk budget to get this series moving.