May 14, 2008

New Release: Command Post

Titan Media’s new release Command Post is all about military men in situations you’ve only fantasized about—in the barracks, on the base and on the field. Starring TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Darius Falke and Dirk Jager, it also features the first on-screen pairing of TitanMen exclusive Victor Banda and Damien Crosse (if you can tell them apart—see above!). Tober Brandt arrives while Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom are setting up camp. As things start heating up, Tober takes them back to his motorcycle, where they take turns fucking one another on it in an explosive threeway. Darius Falke and hairy Steve Cruz (on loan from Raging Stallion) are sweating through their tanks. It’s too hot to sleep and the humid weather’s got Cruz thinking about one thing: taking a ride on Falke’s fat cock. By the campfire, Victor Banda and Damien Cross talk about how everyone thinks they’re brothers. Well, as everybody knows—all together now—brothers should do it! Directed by Brian Mills. For more information, visit


Ass Freak said...

any movie featuring Banda, Crosse and my fetish alexy Tyler deserves to be watched, can hardly wait to lay my eyes on it

RICCI said...

Banda and Tyler (a hot bottom if there ever was one) are always synonyms for quality delivery