June 11, 2008

News: Mario Cazzo Named Freshman of the Year

VincentLambert.com has learned exclusively that supercute model Mario Cazzo (aka Phoenix) has been named Freshman of the Year 2008. Here’s a first look at his cover, which hits newsstands on June 17. Cazzo, who has done work for Next Door Male, beat out 42 contenders for the top prize, which readers voted for online. This is the 14th-annual contest for Freshmen magazine; last year’s winner was Zack Randall. For more information, visit freshmen.com.


Anonymous said...

What a shame that he is holding a ciggie.

Critical Eye said...

what a name!:):):):):):):):):)
anyway he's superhot, is he in any gay dvd's we should know of?
Sexy man in such an UNSEXY jeans, who's responsible for that baggy image? He should be fired.

Anonymous said...

He's better looking thah randall but is he gay?

Laurent said...

Competitions of this kind are not only odious and meaningless, they seldom yield anything like a reliable result. But their purpose is to sell advertising, not to set standards. In the present case, it is enough that the model's selection can be interpreted as an endorsement of conditioning, which he undeniably and very estimably embodies.