June 19, 2008

Sneak Peek: Falcon Studios’ Best Men

Now that Zeb Atlas has been broken in by Jake Cruise, we hear that the buff bodybuilder has already filmed his next actual man-on-man sex scene, the first of two for Falcon Studios’ upcoming gay wedding–themed movie, Best Men. According to Atlas’s manager David Forest, the oral-only sequence, in which Atlas is serviced by Falcon exclusive Matthew Rush, was filmed last week in Las Vegas. Atlas called Forest after the scene was completed to report that he had “accomplished the mission.” He said that he liked director John Bruno, and Falcon was “very cool to work with.” Atlas also reported that Matthew Rush “looked great and sucked great cock.” But how great was it really? Later in the week, Rush, or someone claiming to be him, posted a less-than-glowing review of Atlas and his work on the ATKOL forums. The nasty comments were eventually taken down and Rush denied any involvement, but the question remains: Will the hunky models reunite for the anal portion (with Atlas on top) of the scene (set to be filmed in late July)? Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Our friends at LavenderLounge.com are now reporting that the ATKOL posts were in fact written by Matthew Rush and that he just posted a teary video from his Webcam show in which he breaks down about his experience working with Zeb Atlas and the aftermath of last week’s shoot. Gettin’ juicy now, guys!

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Anonymous said...

more than juicy according to Troy Prickett over at Falcon Matt was Medicated when he made that infamous video