July 15, 2008

News: Mike Roberts Takes the Plunge for Cruise

Looks like Jake Cruise needs to put another notch in his lipstick case. After nailing hunkster Zeb Atlas for his first man-to-man contact (on-screen, anyway), the silver-haired fox has now gotten notorious straight guy Mike Roberts to give up his perfect butt. And the scene in which Cruise pounds Roberts for the first time is now available at JakeCruise.com.

From what we hear, in his bottoming debut, Roberts allows Cruise to use toys on him, which gets him so excited that he busts a nut right into Cruise’s mouth. Cruise then plows Roberts and shoots in his ass (wearing a condom). After Cruise pulls out, Roberts gets off again.

“Mike is one of the sexiest men ever,” Cruise says, “with the chiseled body of a Roman god and a cock that Jupiter would envy. He is what dreams are made of. I could never have imagined that Mike would let me be the first to pop his cherry.”

Hey, you know what they say: Money talks! For more information, visit JakeCruise.com.

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