July 28, 2008

News: RC Ryan Set to Bottom for Cockyboys

Porn star RC Ryan, who topped fellow professional fighter and gay-for-pay model Brodie Sinclair (his first and only time on the bottom) earlier this year for Cockyboys.com, will now follow the same career path in a scene with veteran screen stud Jason Hawke. “Let’s say Cockyboys has a way of making you feel comfortable about doing things you’ve never done before,” says Ryan, who has appeared in films such as How to Seduce a Straight Man and Afternoon Delights. “I’ve used a toy to prepare, so I’m ready for what it’s going to feel like.”

Cockyboys founder Kyle Majors says, “We’ve had a good track record of getting people like RC Ryan to bottom for the first time when in the past they have had no intention of doing so. I think it’s compelling for the fans to see their stars branch out and try new things—and it makes for a hot scene, that’s for sure.”

The scene goes live today, so to see straightster Ryan lose his on-screen cherry, visit Cockyboys.com.

1 comment:

jmk53 said...

I love RC and am glad he's going to bottom. He's worked for a lot of good sites, so what magic does cockyboys use that the other sites didn't. RC said they make you feel comfortable but I'm sure other sites do too and I'm sure others have offered lots of money. Odd. Paul Nixon is also going to finally bottom on cockyboys too from what I've read. So that's RC, Paul and Brodie. Good stuff.