August 6, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Big Dick Society

We told you a while ago about Sebastian Young’s bottoming debut in Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society. Doesn’t the tattooed straight guy looked absolutely thrilled at the prospect in that first picture? Now, Chris Steele, the director and head of Jet Set Men, has shared some of his exclusive on-set photos. “As you can see, the mega-hung boys in the cast all had a great time when the cameras were rolling and when they weren’t,” he says. The cast includes Trevor Knight (who tops Young), Darren Rodman, Chad Hunt, Cort Donovan, Barrett Long, Tommy DeLuca, Antonio Madera, Jonathan Lowe and Cam Kurtz. There’s also a cameo by a veteran porn star in some heavy makeup (not drag!), but we won’t spoil the surprise. For more information, visit


Philippo said...

good to see antonio madiera back, he's still gorgeous and what a hell of a super bottom he is!

Anonymous said...

Can't agree more, i wonder why he's not featured more: he's a gorgeous, dedicated, hot, sleazy bottom and the looks are still there. Get him back guys