August 21, 2008

News: Lucas Signs Mr. Pam to Creative Deal

Lucas Entertainment has announced the signing of videographer and editor Mr. Pam to a contract to be the new creative director of film and production for the New York–based company. Mr. Pam (above with president and CEO Michael Lucas…yes, this mister is a sister) has more than 12 years of experience in the adult film industry and has worked in multiple production capacities with many of the major gay porn studios, including COLT, Falcon, Jet Set Men and Studio 2000, among others. Lucas and Mr. Pam have collaborated on a number of projects in the past year, including Gigolo, Flatiron Fuckers, Pounding the Pavement and Brothers’ Reunion.

“Pam is not only an amazing creative professional, but also a wonderful person who always brings a strong positive energy to the set,” Lucas says. “She’s consistently cheerful and an incredibly hardworking woman. In fact, I’ve never worked with anyone who would be able to go through literal daylong shoots and keep smiling the entire time.”

Mr. Pam adds, “After 12 years of shooting and editing scenes with hundreds of hot men for all the top studios in the industry, I’m superexcited to join sexy, savvy Michael Lucas and his team at Lucas Entertainment. I’ve had the honor of getting to know Michael beyond his onstage persona and he’s fabulous! I believe we’re an excellent match: hardworking, sexually creative, silly and not afraid to break the rules!”

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Anonymous said...

If I worked as a Model on that set and seen a UGLY CIRCUS FREAK i'de loose my erection.yuck gross old drag queen..