September 24, 2008

Event: Jet Set Web Show Live From FL Tonight

Hotties Kameron Scott and Todd Welch are neighbors in the same Florida city. They hang out in the same bars and see each other around town but don’t really know each other. So when they meet tonight for Jet Set Men’s Live Web show, that will all change. Scott, 21, and Welch, 28, who each stand over six feet tall, will finally get really acquainted. The hot duo is expected to take turns fucking each other, seeing who’s toughest—the one on top or the one getting topped. Fans can watch the studs have their first “meat” and greet by tuning in to their one-hour live show tonight, Wednesday, September 24, on the Jet Set Men Web site at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT. The Jet Set Men Live show is available free to site members; nonmembers can join the site and get immediate access to the show by going to and clicking on the “Live Sex” tab.

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