September 10, 2008

New Release: P.O.V., Disc 1 and 2

What’s your point of view on sex? Do you like to watch or do you like to be watched? In P.O.V., a four-hour, two-disc outdoor sexfest from director Brian Mills and Titan Media, you may find out! Braxton Bond is looking for some fun in the great outdoors, so he picks up a video camera at a garage sale and notices that there’s a tape inside. On it is an intense threeway fuck session among Frank Philipp, Vin Costes and Geoffrey Paine that features bondage, watersports, sling-fucking and an intense bout of sounding (ouch!). Stirred by the kinky footage, Bond sets up the camera and films himself jerking off and pissing on himself in an outdoor shower. Dillon Buck spies him and joins in, first pissing on and then fucking Bond with his big dick.

Bond is still playing with his new video camera when he stumbles across François Sagat, who’s more than willing to put on a little show for him. The two studs quickly rip off each other’s clothes, diving into a passionate fuck session with Sagat on top. Finally, turned on by the idea of making his own movie with Ludovic Canot, Darius Falke sets up the video camera on a tripod and startles the sleeping stud. After they’ve sucked each other and shot their loads on each other’s chests, Falke throws Canot over a pile of wood and fucks him senseless. For more information, visit

1 comment:

Geoffrey Paine said...

Def my favorite movie I have done so far. Best overall exxpierence in any video. Still good friends with the two scene mates. Thanks for posting!!!