September 4, 2008

News: Derec Stone Signs With Jet Set Men

Jet Set Men has announced the signing of Derec Stone to an exclusive contract. The strapping 26-year-old stud from the Midwest will make his debut as the star of director Chris Steele’s October pool movie, Slide. He will also top in John Tegan’s Muscle Mountain, due in November.

“I knew Derec was hot from his pix,” Steele says, “but it wasn’t until I met him on set that I saw that he was chiseled work of art! Once the cameras started rolling, the Greek God in him came alive and he performed like a porn veteran. I knew then I had to sign him as an exclusive.”

Stone is also happy with the new deal. “I immediately felt at home with everyone at Jet Set,” he says, “and didn’t hesitate to sign on the dotted line!”

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Raphael said...

Cute but is he hot as well?