September 11, 2008

Web Watch: Pierre Fitch Online

Good thing he’s cute, because Pierre Fitch may be the most boring porn star (or human) in the world (or at least Canada). On his mundane blog (, the onetime Falcon exclusive and star of films such as Through the Woods shares the details of his daily routines, which include going to the gym, eating dinner (usually sushi) with his also cute boyfriend Marc, walking the dogs, playing video games, doing laundry, watching TV…zzzzz, oppssss, sorry, we dozed off. That’s pretty much it. There are some pics of Fitch and his friends (and naked ones of him and Marc), his new tats and his cat, but visit this site at your own risk. And definitely don’t operate any heavy machinery while doing so.


ricci said...

he's NEVER boring though in his sex scenes, maybe that's why.
Loved his latest dvd which was a big improvement on the previous one: hot jeans, hot oral especially kissing (firch is a rar eexpert in this field) better camera work, gorgeous new models/

Matt the Great! said...

I don't know which Pierre Fitch you are referring too. The Pierre I know is very exciting and extremely gracious to his fans. His site is so boring that it won a Cybersocket Award for best Porn Star Website. Honestly, I don't think you have a clue about Pierre or his work. I know this post has been up a while and I am late commenting on it, but the facts remain the same.