October 15, 2008

New Release: Mug Shots

Director Jett Blakk’s latest feature for Dirty Bird Pictures is Mug Shots, a blend of intrigue, mystery, murder and misguided love. The action is interspersed among steamy sex scenes between beefy big-dicked criminals, security guards and police. Slick (Scott Campbell, top photo) is accused of murdering a government official, but he’s actually been framed. He convinces Robbie (Robbie Ireland), a mug shot photographer, to help clear him by retrieving a videotape that proves his innocence. Chad Hunt (second pic) is the commissioner, and Markus Ram and Braxton Bond (below) are security guards. Geoffrey Paine and Wolf Hudson are also along for the ride as secret lovers. The plot includes a drug czar, his son and stepson, a devious dealer, blackmail and the patented Jett Blakk plot twist—but it all starts with a mug shot. For more information, visit dirtybirdpictures.com.

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